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Crowns and Bridges:

In a world where most dentistry screams “dentistry,” our mission is to deliver treatments so seamless, they’re practically invisible. It’s unfortunate but there are times when a filling is not enough to save a decaying tooth. But don’t fret! That’s where crowns and bridges can help! We can help you give your teeth new life with this reliable technique and our expertise.

Dental Crowns
For those facing extreme dental damage, seemingly irreparable, our secret weapon is porcelain crowns transforming smiles into something new. This technique has proven reliable for even severe dental issues. This is a long-lasting solution with treatment lasting 20-30 years.

Key Benefits of Dental Crowns
● Replaces missing teeth
● Offers support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth
● Looks completely natural
● Fixes “smile” and functional chewing problems

Dental Bridges
Each of your teeth plays a crucial role in speech, chewing, and keeping your other teeth properly aligned. Missing teeth can cause speech disorders as they are used to make many of the sounds we use to speak clearly. A bridge is a device used to replace a missing tooth by connecting the existing teeth to an artificial one. There are two types of bridges: fixed, which are bonded into place; and removable, which can be taken out for cleaning.

There are many benefits to crowns and bridges. Contact EyeSmile today to see if a crown or bridge is right for you! Let us help you love your smile again.

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